De: a project by Rollergirl, is a series of exhibitions and publications, presenting a cross section of all styles and genres of current international photography. For each installment, the work of talented young photographers from one cultural capital is presented in another major city. Introducing their work to new audience and catalyzing cultural exchange. The first edition was De: Amsterdam, showing photography from Amsterdam in Lausanne, 2006. The following edition was, De: Paris, presenting Paris-based photographers in Amsterdam, 2011.

De: Stockholm, the third edition of the project , printed using only 3 spot colors Red, Green and Blue, will show a selection of images made by Stockholm-based photographers
Brendan Austin
Thobias Fäldt
Marcus Harrling
Linda Hofvander
Inka and Niclas
Klara Källström
Björn Larsson
Hanna Ljungh
Märta Thisner
Lars Tunbjörk
Erik Undehn

9, rue des Arquebusiers
75003 Paris