«De: …» is a project about photography collection and reproduction curated by Rollergirl. The work of various photographers – having in common to be based in the same city – is shown in another one. The project consists in an exhibition and a catalogue – all the photographs are printed in a special technique.

The exhibition 
«De: Paris» took place at Delicatessen (Amsterdam)

26/03/2011 – 07/04/2011

With the participation of:
Sébastien Agnetti
Grégoire Alexandre
Daphné Bengoa
Nicolas Clerc
Audrey Corregan
Erwan Fichou
Marina Gadonneix
Estelle Hanania
Milo Keller & Julien Gallico
Julien Magre
Thomas Mailaender
Adrien Toubiana
Cyrille Weiner

194 × 268 mm
60 pages
500 copies

 Criterium by Jean-Baptiste Levée, Paris
De Stencilkelder, Amsterdam 2011